Keeping EasyLayouts Up To Date

Using Joomla Updater for EasyLayouts

EasyLayouts can be kept up to date using the Joomla updater - to do this you need to enter your download id in the EasyLayouts config.

Getting your Download ID

Your your EasyLayouts subscription page (at you can get your download id and also see a list of sites you are currently receiving updates for.  Note that the list of domains is empty until you fetch your first updates then it is automatically filled.

How to get your EasyLayouts Download ID
Get your EasyLayouts Download ID

 Simply enter this in your EasyLayouts config (on the first tab) along with your EasyLayouts username:

EasyLayouts config - entering download id and username
Add username and download id to EasyLayout config on your site

After saving your config the Joomla updater on your site will pick up EasyLayouts updates.  It should also work with PerfectDashboard.

Published: 29 August 2017