Layout Options

There are a number of settings that appear when you edit most layout types - they are described below


This is a simple text field to allow you to annotate a specific layout to make it easier to identify in your list of layouts.

Advanced Mode

Some options, when editing layouts, are considered non-basic so are hidden by default unless you enable advanced mode. 


EasyLayouts aims to work with the most commonly used web frameworks (libraries of CSS, HTML and Javascript)  such as Bootstrap2, Bootstrap3, UIkit2, UIkit3 and others added all the time.  We add no CSS or javascript to your pages and use the framework you choose to maximise our compatibility with your site's template and addons.

Applicable Categories

You can restrict layouts to only apply to articles from specific categories - this way you can create different output options for different types of content.

Note that  "Applicable Categories" only appears on some layouts since it isn't relevant to some e.g. Category Blog, which is a type of 'wrapper' to display a series of separate articles (each of which could be formatted based on their category).

Access level

You can specify that only users of a particular access level would 'use' a specific layout in the same way that you can limit access to an article to certain user access levels.

Blocked access

If blocked access is enabled in the EasyLayouts options page you can specify that the access level is used to block access as opposed to allowing access.  For example setting 'access' to 'special' and enabling the 'blocked access' level will create a layout that everyone who is not a 'special' user (i.e. Author, Editor, Manager, Administrator, Super User) will use.  Using this option allows you to create different layouts for different groups of user.

Version Notes

If you have enabled Joomla versioning in the EasyLayouts options then you can add a 'Version Note' each time you make a change to a layout e.g. 'Stable version before experimenting' to make it easy to identify and restore from the versions archive.

Published: 29 August 2017