Organising/Keeping Track of Your Layouts

There are many types of layouts and they affect different elements on different menu items. This article lists some of they ways you can find the layouts you need to use, identify the ones being used on your site and find them in your list of layouts in the backend of your site.

Which layouts are used on a menu item

When you edit a content menu item you will see an extra tab 'EasyLayouts Information'

EasyLayouts Information Tab

Click on this and you will see clickable links to the types of layouts that apply to this particular menu item type

EasyLayouts tab - links to layout types

Which layouts are being used

Edit the EasyLayouts configuration and enable debug mode in EasyLayouts .

Debug Mode

This will now show you in the frontend which layouts are being used

Which layout is being used

Filtering layouts that are related

Blog posts pages can use a number of different layout types - in the list of layouts in the backend of your site you can filter all the related types together

Menu item, Module and Category Specific Layouts

In your list of layouts you can see and filter your layouts by Menu item, Module and Category Specific and each affected layout marks the entry with the category(ies) and/or menu item/module that restricts the layout.

Category, menu item and module specific layouts

Published: 10 November 2023