Creating Layouts

The list of layouts and the drag and drop layout editor is the heart of how EasyLayouts creates/manages layouts for your site.

When you view the list in the backend it will look something like this:

List of Layouts

For each entry it tells you:

  • if the layout is published,
  • what type it is (see the article Types of Layout for more explanation),
  • any comment  you have added to the layout
  • which Joomla component it relates to
  • the joomla view the item pertains to (in combination with the component relates to the equivalent template override)
  • any category restrictions (when there is a folder icon - you can hover your mouse to see the list of multiple assigned categories)
  • if the layout is the default.  If you have multiple layouts (with no category restrictions) the published one marked as 'default' is the one that is used.
  • Joomla access level (see the article Layout Options for information about a special setting for 'blocked access')
  • the layout id


Published: 22 August 2017