Deleting Rows, Columns and Fields

Rows, Columns and Fields can be deleted from the layout by clicking the trash/rubbish can/bin for the relevant field, column or row.

Useful Tip

You can't delete a row or column unless it is empty.

In addition to the delete icon for each individual field, column or row there is a 'Clear Grid' icon at the top of the layout editing page.  This will remove all rows, columns and fields in one go (with a warning first!).


Published: 08 September 2017

Demo Site

You can access our demo at

You can easily switch EasyLayouts off and on again via a special module on the demo site and can also access the backend to experiment with the layouts. The demo resets every hour so bear in mind that the demo looks a bit odd that someone else may have changed the layouts before you viewed the page.

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