There aren't many configuration options for EasyLayouts - the following explains these. 

Useful Tip

You should become familiar with EasyLayouts and creating Layouts before you go through these configuration options in detail since some will only make sense when you understand how to use EasyLayouts.

Enable Support for Joomla! Versioning

EasyLayouts supports Joomla! Versioning so when you enable this option you can roll back changes you have made in your layouts to an earlier version if you make a mistake or don't like the changes you made.  See for more information about Joomla! versioning

Enable User Access Level Blocking

This is an option for advanced users that allows you to create layouts where Joomla access level members are blocked from using the layout - where Joomla normally allows access level members to use a layout.  See the article on Layout Options that explains how this feature works in detail and where it may be useful.

Joomla Updater Download Id

See the article on keeping EasyLayouts Up To Date.

Default Settings for Layouts

These control the default settings that are in place when you create new layouts

  • Prefill New Layout? - EasyLayouts allows you to pre-populate a layout with code that replicates the normal Joomla output - this setting allows you to make that option the default state of affairs when you create a new layout.
  • Show Advanced Options - When creating an new Layout there are some options that are for advanced users - this option allows you to control if these are shown or hidden by default.
  • Access - The default access level for a new layout.
  • Status - Whether or not a layout should be published when it is first created.


These are the normal Joomla access control settings for the users on your site that control their interaction with EasyLayouts in the backend of Joomla!.

Published: 22 August 2017