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Here is a summary of changes in each release of EasyLayouts

Version 1.2.0

We are thrilled to announce our the release of version 1.1.0 of EasyLayouts - it adds lots of new exciting features!

Date Released : 21 February 2018


  • Allow importing pre-designed layouts from EasyLayouts website (currently supporting float layouts - more available soon!)
  • Add float layout for articles - see for demo of this new exciting feature
  • Add file download custom field - allowing file upload during article creation/editing
  • Add extended imagelist custom field - allows uploading images when editing articles and display as a slideshow
  • Add support for article menu item ordering based on custom field values
  • Add support for conditional display of custom fields based on other custom field values
  • Allow dragging of fields between tabs in layout editor
  • Support for com_contact form editing - create your own custom contact forms using EaysLayouts
  • Using our own form showon script (more than 4 times faster than version in core Joomla) - big gains for layouts with lots of fields
  • Big improvement in menu item filtering performance from restructuring of query in MySQL
  • Add option to filter menu items on author field values


Version 1.0.0 Stable

We are thrilled to announce our first stable release of EasyLayouts

Date Released : 28 November 2017


  • Add author filter to filter module
  • Add ability to choose specific filter module layouts thereby allowing multiple filter modules to be implemented
  • Add module suffix support to module layouts
  • Stop custom fields that load scripts from being used as filters
  • Remove our own version of Joomla showon javascript following updates in Joomla
  • Workaround for sites constrained by php max_input_vars being too low - form fields are converted to JSON data when needed
  • Ensure layouts replicating Joomla layouts pick up correct icons without the need to save the layout first

Version 1.0.0 Release Candidate 2

We are thrilled to announce the release of our second release candidate.  We plan to release the stable release in time for the Joomla World Conference

Date Released : 27 October 2017


  • Further enhancements to layout editing styling
  • Stop js and css files being cached across version upgrades
  • Fixes for filter module to work better with pagination, read more etc.
  • Implemented truncated content option to allow short versions of article content to be displayed
  • Add list of standard fields that can be included in the wrappers by clicking a button
  • Add naked rows (rows and columns with no framework HTML so that you have full control of output using wrapper HTML) and raw HTML fields (to allow you to enter your own HTML anywhere in the layout)
  • New config option to allow you to force the use of a single framework throughout your layouts i.e. no options for layout specific frameworks

Version 1.0.0 Release Candidate 1

We are thrilled to announce the release of our first release candidate.

Date Released : 27 October 2017


  • Full screen layout editing with button to enable this and also hide superflous Joomla content on page.
  • Improved styling of layout editor
  • Database query optimisation - removing some duplicates
  • Language Specific Layouts introduced
  • Add auto-panning and resizing of layout editing area
  • More to more robust HTML5 based sortable/drag & drop - makes moving elements in the editor much easier and less erratic
  • Add information in frontend about layout actually being used when Joomla debug mode is enabled.
  • Allow wrapper fields to be blanked - resolves issue #80
  • Improve handling of category articles layout rendering
  • Better handling of some empty fields e.g. plugin output which didn't work well with block output of fields
  • Support for multi-framework accordion for category blog items
  • Support for multi-framework slidehow for multi-image custom field
  • Add bootstrap4 framework into the mix
  • Article Edit Layout allows for frontend/backend specific version
  • Add naked framework - no HTML at all, needed for accordion layouts blog view
  • Incorporate category restrictions on category filter
  • Fix issue: Empty conditions in menu item options gives an error
  • Allow category blog layout to be category specific since the menu item only allows one category per menu item
  • Including output for article_date in category module layouts
  • Adding more search options e.g. date range to filter module
  • Incorporate Filter Module
  • Fix for column widths and count when moving columns i.e. sets the row options correctly rather than leaving them unchanged
  • Improvements to handling of subcategory layout inheriting from ancestor


Version 1.0.0 beta 4

The last Beta release - release candidate due out next!

Date Released : 21 September 2017


  • Correction of output of media type custom fields - sometimes output was blank
  • Bug fix where category specific layout was used for other category articles when there was no general layout enabled

Version 1.0.0 beta 3

Date Released : 18 September 2017


  • Improved drag and drop interface
  • Remove concept of 'default' layout - just use the published state
  • Add default row and column class values
  • Add optional distinct layouts for Lead articles and Intro articles - as opposed to using the same layout for both
  • Minor bug fixes and language corrections
  • Improved layout editing presentation to make customisation options easier to find and use

Version 1.0.0 beta 2

Date Released : 17 August 2017


  • Add filter by Layout type to list of layouts
  • Add layout information tab to menu item editing to show which layouts are used - with links to filtered list of such layouts
  • 2 stage layout creation to make easier to understand
  • Add blocked access support to allow layouts to be used by exclusive groups of users
  • Support label translations in custom fields
  • Add option to output label, input field or both for custom fields on edit layout page
  • Allow module field type to pick up modules that are not assigned to a position.
  • Add option to import layouts from json formatted file - importing/exporting of custom fields to follow soon!
  • Add select category layout type to allow different category layouts to be selected without loading one of them in particular. Allows a 'select chefs, recipes or restaurants' type question on first page creating content before redirecing to relevant choice.
  • improved code structure to allow easier implementation of different CSS frameworkds
  • More choices of menu item filtering constraints

Version 1.0.0 beta 1

Date Released : 18 July 2017


  • Add option to customise article edit page including category specific layouts!
  • Add tabbed output of columns - configured via the row settings
  • Add option to export layout to json formatted file - importing of layouts to follow soon!
  • Improved handling of setting default layouts - was sometime leaving them unspecified which meant the layout wasn't used
  • Add config option for custom fields output to allow for labels of values to be output and for the label to be suppressed if the value is blank
  • Add config options to control markup for small and extra-small devices
  • Allow custom field images to be sized using CSS as well as the image itself to be resized
  • Use 2 column layout for forms in popups to make editing layouts easier on the eye
  • Fixed side bar styling when editing layouts

Version 1.0.0 alpha 8

Date Released : 07 July 2017


  • Fix database update script
  • Fix handling of category list item output when category list is published but not the item itself.

Version 1.0.0 alpha 7

Date Released : 06 July 2017


  • Category specific layouts were not enabled for category blog items, featured articles and category list items
  • Add option for "custom field" field to output field value or label

Version 1.0.0 alpha 6

Date Released : 06 July 2017


  • Fix to layout versioning for sites that have been upgraded
  • New global config options to set default values for options such as 'show advanced options'
  • Add descriptive comment to layout (included in searches/filters)
  • Fix for hitting cancel during creation of new field or row - no longer leaving empty element
  • Add context specific instructions to appear during creation of new layouts
  • Group fields by type in drop down to make easier to navigate
  • Hide column options when using 'no framework'
  • Allow new layouts to be populated to match Joomla! default output with config option to control within layout
  • Making dragging elements into empty containers more robust
  • CSS improvements to make draggable elements more obvious

Demo Site

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You can easily switch EasyLayouts off and on again via a special module on the demo site and can also access the backend to experiment with the layouts. The demo resets every hour so bear in mind that the demo looks a bit odd that someone else may have changed the layouts before you viewed the page.

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