Is There a Demo?

You can access the EasyLayouts demo, where you can login to the backend and modify the layouts being used, at

Useful Tips

  • Before you dive in to the backend of demo site it may be worth watching the video below about how to use EasyLayouts in the backend
  • Use click 'Click for demo info' on the right site of the demo site for login details.
  • Switch EasyLayouts 'off' and 'on' using the 'Disable EasyLayouts' checkbox on the right site of the demo site to see what effect it is having on the page output.

EasyLayouts - backend use


Published: 22 August 2017

Demo Site

You can access our demo at

You can easily switch EasyLayouts off and on again via a special module on the demo site and can also access the backend to experiment with the layouts. The demo resets every hour so bear in mind that the demo looks a bit odd that someone else may have changed the layouts before you viewed the page.