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  3. Monday, 21 October 2019
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I am Using Helix, and on my Articels, i can choose "Standard, Video, Gallery, Audio, Link, Quote, Status".... (see on screenshot1.jpg)

Is there a posibility to include the Gallery-Post-Images in my Layout? (maybe by editing my php-file)?

- Output Easy Layouts (by using standard-settings) --> easy-layouts2.jpg :(
- Output Standard-Template --> standard-template2.jpg
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I'm afraid Helix custom features are not integrated in Joomla Standard Custom Fields and we have not integrated them in our layout possibilities... In any case, this could be doable with some coding. How good is your PHP?
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my php Skills are 0 :P maybe 0,1 :P
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Ok, let me put my hands on Helix and I'll try to give you a hand. Can you please confir your template name?
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Great!! Thank you very much!!
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