Tuesday, 27 March 2018
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I understand that you need two layouts for each Joomla blog/list view.
a) Blog Category Layout
b) Block Article Layout
This got me completely puzzled because it is counter intuitive. I am one of those people who HATE reading manuals. I have been working as a developer for 30 years and expect software to be self explanatory and intuitive.
Firstly, I don't understand why you cannot have both sections in one layout form, a top section for what's on top of the blog/list view and a bottom section for what's below, in fact - if you wanted to be really fancy - you could have a third section below, for example to place a FAQ accordion or some Joomla module (contact forms, donations forms, etc). It would make far more sense to separate the different areas by tabs rather than different files. Why not?
Secondly, I don't understand why I need both a single article view and a blog article view. In my opinion, that's kind of doubling up. I don't see why I would need different layouts for what I see when I go directly to the article and when I click on the article from the blog/list view. Why the pain of designing the same thing twice? What for?
I suggest you add those tabs to your Blog Category Layout but keep the Blog Article Layout clearly marked as a legacy feature for backwards compatibility reasons.
In the new version you have there is no requirement to set the overall blog layout (only the specific blog entries).

The distinction between the blog layout and the blog item layout is to allow specific entry types in your blog to be laid out differently - so you may control the overall blog output on your site with a single layout and then have separate layouts for all your specific categories without the need to duplicate the overall blog layout. We could have the 2 layouts on one layout editing page but that would be a lot less flexible - also we offer the ability to control the layouts of lead items differently to intro items and so your layout editing page would end up with 4 layouts on it.

Most sites show a summary layout in the blog and a more detailed layout in the single article view - but I guess some sites may want this to be the same so offering an option to use the single article view within the blog may be helpful.

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