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  4. Friday, 18 January 2019
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When we create a custom field in Joomla there is parameters (label_render_class and render_class) to enter front display classes (label and value).
Can you please output it in span classes after field-label or field-value.
I would be very helpfull to style fields output ...

Eventually you could also add an option to your component to autoadd field name as a class after "field-label" and "field-value" in span classes.

Cheers !
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These should be part of V1.1.6 release. Can you update and confirm?

Many thanks
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I already have v 1.1.6 installed ... :(
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Can you provide super user details in the Site Details tab on reply and a link on where it's not rendering the spans?

Many thanks
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The site still on local server ... :(

It happen on layout "Category Blog : Article (Lead) ".
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I took last version (from uikit classes but still the same).
I gived you access in uikit post.

Field with custom classes is the one called "Durée" in backoffice and "Durée / Recyclage / Validité" on front.
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Can you confirm this is still an issue after your previous post?
  1. one week ago
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Yes it is still issue ...
You have acces to check.
  1. one week ago
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On -dev4 site I cannot find anything related to Durée ?
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Strange you don't see it !

This is images showing it ...

On back in custom fields.

On front : http://www.netenvie-dev4.com/formations-secourisme-securite.html
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