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  4. Thursday, 17 January 2019
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for all custom fields output that produce a link it could be very usefull to get option to choose target attribute.

In my case i use JCE editor and i have a custom field with type "mediajce".
I use it to attach a PDF to my articles.
But when this field is displayed by EL there is no way to choose target attribute and PDF always open in my webpage tab, replacing it :( .
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I thought the Joomla! field would have allowed this :/ So basically allow setting a _blank and self etc ?

Many thanks
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Whatever i now use Advanced Custom Field plugin that allow to create an URL field where these things can be set in field parameter.
So it's solved !
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Ok the issue is that we would need to start manipulating that field which would create unnecessary overhead. When in-fact you could tell the field to output a raw value / basic value and then just wrap it as you see fit. If you want to display the full url still, adding two of the same custom fields with wrappers would suffice.

Many thanks
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Yes, right !
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