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  3. Saturday, 13 April 2019
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I really like the way that if I use the full-image field type I am able to set a placeholder image (it saved me having to add one to 250+ articles), I wonder if it would be possible to work in something to add add alt text at the same time such as "placeholder image"?

There may be disadvantages in that which I have not thought of, but with sites that are built on funded projects there are usually strict guidelines about using alt tags etc so to me it would be a useful feature.

Thanks for Easy Layouts, the more familiar I become with it, the more I like it and can see that I will be using it masses in the future.

Suzanne :)
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Hello Suzanne,

That's a great idea. We will get that in for the next release.

Many thanks
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I've added it now, it is in the attached version.
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That is really great Tony thank-you!
Sorry about the delay in reply.

Can you please confirm that the file that I download from my download area is always the very latest version please? If I downloaded the file from there instead of here would it include this new feature?

I have downloaded four versions of 1.1.6 now and each one has had a different files size (Screenshot).

This is such a useful extension.
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Version 1.1.7 has just been uploaded
Review EasyLayouts. If you use EasyLayouts please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.
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Thanks Geraint.

I just tried the new 1.1.7. it changed my layout. Extra spacing appeared between the custom fields (Screenshots attached).

I have reverted to a previous version.

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Hey Suzzane,

Can you provide super user logins? I’ll clone your site and test it in a dev environment.

Basically previously we were not wrapping the custom fields in the correct custom fields spans. So we fixed that, it could be your template is styling these spans by default.

Many thanks
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