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  3. Thursday, 31 May 2018
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When inserting Custom Fields, we have the same options that Joomla! already provides...label and value, or value only. But I need to access the raw value (option value) that was stored in the database as well.
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I have coded this up as a field option and it will be included in the new release due later this week
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Has this been fixed because I've set the custom field itself for raw in the filter and EasyLayouts is set to value, but it insists on putting a <span> tag in it. I want just the raw value without any html code. Please fix this.
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In every type of working layouts it is necessary to get the raw values which can be modified after that. Here is the discussion of the 7dollaressay.com essay writing raw values which are inserted and modified after that when we want to be precise.
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