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  3. Friday, 18 October 2019
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Hi all,
i use the "Framework Tabs" with costum fields.... When i activate Bootsrap 4, no Framework Tab is active when i open the articel.

I tryed to tap "active" into the "CSS Class name for Column" (on the main-Tab). This works just a bit =) The Tab-content is now activ, but the Tab(Button) is not activated....

Can someone help?
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Hi Benjamin,
can you please provide a link to the site? Also Backend access will probably speed up the process ;)
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pm ;)
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I can show it for all with some pics and how to fix it :P
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Thank you very much!! I'm on the case!!
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Hi Benjamin,
it's not trivial to add this in the component right now and will require a bit more testing and work, but if you want to specifically have it for the first tab in your site I can show you how ;)

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yeah, for sure, show it :)
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Wondering if we can try to keep this simple - we make sure that the first tab in the configuration is activated on first load.

Is that enough flexibility - not sure how many people would want the second or third tab to be active on first visit??
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It was just a suggestion for maximum flexibility. But for me it is enough if the first tab is open!
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