Friday, 18 October 2019
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my second question =)
I use Easy Layouts for my products. (Blog style = 3 Col). Now i want to style my "News" Blog - list. I have to change:

CSS: .elsiso_item {...}

Is there a posibility to give both blog-layouts different .elsiso_item Styles?

for example:
1) .elsiso_item_products {...}
2) .elsiso_item_news {...}

Or is there an other option to change the layout-design for 2 different templates?
4 years ago
If they are in different categories, you can just create a different layout for each category ;)
4 years ago
am i wrong or can i just change the grid layout, and the content (fields), not the css-style?
I made 2 Categorys for this, but both have the same style.... (background,colors .....)
4 years ago
Sure you can just change the Structure part and keep the styling ;)

Please show us a couple of screenshots if you need further directions so that we can fully understand your issue ;)
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