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  4. Wednesday, 09 September 2020
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Can Easylayout permit the customization the rendering of a date with phpdate for example. We take a custom field date, we need to add some html around the different part of the date. It's a classic demand for building nice calendar.

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Hey Nicolas,

Is this for the rendering of the Date in the frontend or the actually date picker?

Many thanks
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Date in the frontend
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It is certainly something we can look into, by default it should use the native Joomla! language strings, are you finding there are not sufficient?
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We have already configure the languge override but we need to add some html between the J d Y etc for styling easily each part
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You should be able to put HTML in the language override.

If that affects too much of your site - which field are you trying to style? It could be an interesting feature to be able to make the publication date look pretty.
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Custom field date not a core one but it's the same idea behind. HTML in langue override , never try but indeed it will affect all the website, not great for maintenance ;-)
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