EasyLayouts 1.0.0 Stable

We are thrilled to announce the release of EasyLayouts 1.0.0 Stable.  A huge thank you to the early adopters that have given us invaluable feedback which has helped us improve the functionality of EasyLayouts and iron out bugs.

You can download EasyLayouts from the Downloads page.  You will need to be a member of the EasyLayouts club to do this.

We have exciting plans for the next versions of EasyLayouts - so watch this space for new and exciting features.

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Demo Site

You can access our demo at https://demo.easylayouts.net.

You can easily switch EasyLayouts off and on again via a special module on the demo site and can also access the backend to experiment with the layouts. The demo resets every hour so bear in mind that the demo looks a bit odd that someone else may have changed the layouts before you viewed the page.

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