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  3. Friday, 02 November 2018
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Does Joomla or EasyLayouts have a conditional List or conditional Checkbox field?

For example if I use a checkbox field and I ask "Do you have" pets the choices would be Yes and No. If the user chooses No it outputs No on the submitted form. If they choose Yes it then 3 more choices appear such as Cat? Dog? Other?. If the user chooses Cat then the question "How many?" would appear with a text field to enter the number. The same question would appear for the other choices if selected.

Does this exist and if not is there a way it can be implemented?

Regards Mel
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Is this on a use profile form? The Joomla JForm classes do support this type of conditionality when you define your forms using XML but not using the Joomla com_fields

It is something we have been developing for EasyLayouts for com_content and com_contact (along the lines of the conditionality for menu items) but its not yet ready for release I'm afraid.
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