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Here is a summary of changes in each release of EasyLayouts

We are thrilled to announce the release of EasyLayouts for Joomla 5.

Version 1.5.+ should continue to work in Joomla 4.3.x for the time being - though going forwards testing will be against version 4.4+ and 5.x only.

If you are upgrading your site to Joomla 4 and are already using the EasyLayouts 1.3 series you should install version 1.3.3+ before upgrading to Joomla 4. EasyLayouts will be disabled in Joomla 4 until you upgrade to version 1.4+ of EasyLayouts

Here is a summary of changes in each release of EasyLayouts

Version 1.7.5

Date Released : 12 June 2024

New Features/p>

  • Support smart search/finder page layout as well as specific results by type
  • Add support for user registration layout
  • Option to display tags in mod_tags_popular as a navbar
  • use onAfterDispatch to catch more 403 errors before the redirect for custom 403 page
  • Extend options on conditional field display
  • UIKit versions of cancel and submit buttons
  • More autosubmit options for easylayouts filter field
  • Enable tool to select and edit layout for single article module
  • Add tool to save single article of blog item layout to mini-layout so it can be reused
  • Add option to return excluded matches for custom fields i.e. results where the filter field doesn't match e.g. doesn't include specific allergens in filter module
  • Move float layout options for category blog to separate tab in layout editor
  • Add UIKit styling for easylayouts filter to allow stacked form layouts to work
  • Switch to native JS masonry


  • Fixes for user profile layout
  • Fix for contact layout to make sure name and misc fields are available
  • Stop ACF javascript errors
  • Make sure state of tag filter from module is remembered from page view to page view
  • Improve styling of layout import page
  • Stop using percentage positiioning in masonry - caused bad flicker with images
  • Fix for multilingual 404, 403 and offline redirections
  • drop use of page_subheading as no longer part of Joomla

Version 1.7.4

Date Released : 26 April 2024


  • Remove stray space at start of system plugin in version 1.7.3 which caused some pages to not load correctly

Version 1.7.3

Date Released : 23 April 2024

New Features/p>

  • Mini-layout hover effect for intro and full images in articles
  • JSON/AJAX reloading of matching float articles when used with filter module
  • Configurable option to show grid/list toggle in float view
  • Option to output image fields as raw URLs - can be used for background images via CSS
  • New option to disable label output in filter module


  • Image style should be set if any of height/max-height/width/max-width are set
  • Switch submit event to requestSubmit events so that listeners can intercept when called by javascript
  • Joomla 5 fixes for sites with compatibility plugin off - mainly article routing links

Version 1.7.2

Date Released : 12 March 2024

New Features/p>

  • Replaceable Keys/Values for mini-layouts. Static strings initially but will be extended to pick up parent layout values such as article IDs
  • Output download statistics for eldownload field visible to super users and other users with backend access


  • Disable easylayout plugin when using Joomla CLI e.g. for smart search index updates

Version 1.7.1

Date Released : 27 February 2024

New Features/p>

  • When credting premade structured you can now import HTML e.g. bootstrap modal template code from
  • New translatable text field type in layout to make labelling buttons and links easier


  • Fix for custom field rendering in version 1.7.0 - sometimes was adding an extra closing div tag in the output

Version 1.7.0

Date Released : 21 February 2024

New Features/p>

  • First experimental release of template creation engine - requires custom template installation. See documentation article on usage
  • Re-usable mini-layouts for articles
  • Re-usable pre-made structures
  • Add category name to related article lookup selector
  • Add support for sprintf formatting codes instead of just %s replacement


  • Add support for custom field prefix and suffix output

Version 1.6.3

Date Released : 1 February 2024

New Features/p>

  • Add support for custom Login and Logout pages


  • Fix for warnings on required form fields after adding and cancelling new fields and rows
  • Fix for missing fields in modal popup when in full screen view
  • Fix for showon issue when adding new rows
  • Fix for new rawHTML rows - should not offer column options when first created

Version 1.6.2

Date Released : 25 January 2024

New Features/p>

  • Custom offline page can now be overridden by adding a customisable ?key=val to the URL - in this situation the offline page would revert to the Joomla default


  • Strip menu/module mapping from imported layouts - these were causing the import to fail
  • Remove duplicated task field on layout edit page
  • Fix MySQL filter when using experimental custom field filtering

Version 1.6.1

Date Released : 24 January 2024

New Features/p>

  • New calendar custom field type (elcalendar) - Joomla stores date fields with no time as a date/time value adjusted by timezone. This can make filtering based on dates values impossible - this new custom field stores the value exactly as set in editing interface with no time value (when no time value is specified in the field configuration)
  • Layout editing now uses tabs which can make it more obvious when there are additional options available e.g. custom JS or CSS


  • Update handling of Articles Category Module layouts to support changes in Joomla 4.4/5.0
  • Fix grouped item category module output in Joomla 4.4+
  • Minor improvements to export of layouts and importing new ones to pick up some default parameters
  • Enhance title links
  • Fix for layout filters and sort integration in management interface

Version 1.6.0

Date Released : 8 December 2023


  • Update handling of Articles Category Module layouts to support changes in Joomla 4.4/5.0

Version 1.5.6

Date Released : 5 December 2023


  • Add support for custom offline and error pages
  • Language file changes for Joomla 4.4.1/5.0.1

Version 1.5.5

Date Released : 13 November 2023


  • Correct missing custom field output in v 1.5.4
  • Fix for multi-checkbox filter issue in PHP 8.x

Version 1.5.4

Date Released : 9 November 2023


  • Allow matching custom fields by name in layouts where the ID doesn't match up - useful when importing layouts and the custom field IDs are not synchronised. This will work AFTER all layouts are edited and saved
  • EasyLayouts Download custom field now has config option to control which download statistics you want to record

Version 1.5.3

Date Released : 3 November 2023


  • Fix for showon for option values causing container class names to be lost when reloading a saved layout
  • Set sortable ghost height set to 20px to make dragging rows into columns easier
  • Start to remove a few deprecated functions e.g. Factory::getUser()

Version 1.5.2

Date Released : 27 October 2023


  • Enable EasyLayouts to run in Joomla 5 without using the compatibiliy plugin
  • Add support for empty column handling e.g. 1/3 1/3 1/3|1/3 2/3
  • Include explanation of how to use test versions of layouts as tooltip on the icon
  • Add support for custom UIKit prefix in layouts to allow alternatives to uk-
  • Fix Easylayouts Download Field - was not rendering correctly in edit pages since v.1.5.0
  • Fix for PageNaviation issue in Joomla 4.4 within content items
  • Fix for menu/module filtering - the custom fields didn't always format correctly until you saved and re-editing a menu item/module.
  • Fix category specific layout selection when sub-categories don't inherit from parent category

Version 1.5.0

Date Released : 19 October 2023


  • Minor changes to support Joomla 5
  • Add support for support for Joomla user registration, profile editing and display layouts
  • Fix for module style setting in layout
  • Eliminate PHP 9.0 deprecation notices shown when using PHP 8.2
  • Catch CW Multicategories bug

Version 1.4.19

Date Released : 14 August 2023


  • Fix Javascript error in showon affecting select lists where the options values are conditional. This could cause unpublished themes default to being published when they are edited :(
  • Fix for setting custom field vales in constraints - was caching based on specific initial item name but now uses form field attribute which is more reliable
  • Bootstrap 5 fix for article selection in selected articles module
  • Fix for grouped items wrappers stripping HTML tags
  • Typo for mysql expression conditionality check
  • fix for sortable repeating custom fields
  • Fix for module position in admin module editing

Version 1.4.17

Date Released : 10 July 2023


  • Fix filtering of input fields - some were being aggressively stripped by Joomla e.g. HTML removed from value/label separator field
  • Remove stray carriage returns which broke top/bottom wrapper functioning when used with a field attribute e.g. <a href="/   and then ">Click Here</a>
  • Config option to match custom fields by alias and context when importing layouts
  • Fix ordering issues with new rows in layouts
  • Update sortables library works better in firefox
  • Fix for list of layouts display of article edit layouts - was not showing the correct indicator for layouts used in both frontend and backend
  • Fix usage of publish up and publish down fields in backend article editing layouts
  • Workaround for date filters when the date custom field is stored with time data attached!!!
  • Fix article ordering in EasyLayouts Articles Module
  • Allow article edit layouts to be used in both front and backend and not just one or the other
  • Fix for author and category custom field output in EasyLayouts Articles module
  • Fix for date filtering when date format isn't YYYY-MM-DD
  • Fix for joomla media field not setting current modal on opening modal to select image
  • Use Joomla 4 trigger to better populate custom field interactions in constraint setting - affects image selection and calendars amongst others where javascript needs to be initialised when adding a new field or subform entry
  • Tweak CSS to make field selections easier to manage in constraint setting
  • Allow component layouts e.g. single article, blog views etc. to specify a particular joomla site template to use.  Allows a menu item to change the layout of a page dependent on the output type
  • Fix for com_finder layouts to allow category selections in layout editing
  • Fix for com_finder read more output in articles
  • Allow up to 200 columns to be used in the layout
  • Implement EasyLayouts debug mode so that you can debug layouts independent of Joomla debug mode

Version 1.4.13

Date Released : 21 March 2023


  • Joomla 4.2.9 changed the way the form validator script works so we now need to set the 'elements' on the dom element we pass in to simulate being a HTML form

Version 1.4.12

Date Released : 21 March 2023


  • Add support for Smart Search/Finder Results styling - specific styles for content items and general styles otherwise
  • PHP 8/Joomla 4 change to fix PHP is_callable problem in some float layouts

Version 1.4.11

Date Released : 9 March 2023


  • Repackaging of 1.4.10 which was not the correct package in the Joomla update manager

Version 1.4.10

Date Released : 8 March 2023


  • New option to allow filtered custom fields with multiple value to force match to ALL values selected and not just one which is the default
  • Make sure image caption and alt values are set before referencing them
  • Fix for resetting filter and custom field values
  • Add option to filter list of layouts for all related to a specific view - e.g. all the category blog related layouts together.
  • Add config option for multi-select fields to match all selected values
  • When match all selected values for multi-select fields allow default values to be skipped
  • New layout option for intro items and lead items to display the output in responsive column layouts - Bootstrap 5 and UIKit 3 only
  • Fix for importing layouts which match specific menu items - was throwing a duplicate key error
  • New filtering option for menu items to use MYSQL statement so you can compare a date field with NOW() for a dynamic date based filtering
  • Fix for changing filter module filter options after pagination - goes back to start of the list.  Previously adding secondary filters on second page could output nothing instead of a smaller subset of results.

Version 1.4.9

Date Released : 28 February 2023


  • Fix for contact form fields in Joomla 4 - was picking the form file from the wrong file location
  • Fix problem adding new fields in version 1.4.8

Version 1.4.8

Date Released : 14 February 2023


  • Fix for Joomla 4 when adding new fields to layouts - was not initialising tabs or showon until the layout was saved.  Caused by the say Joomla 4 initialises scripts
  • Add more custom form outputs so that filter module can work without permission to edit field values
  • Improve custom field condition styling in layout editor
  • Warn users if filter custom field is not visible to non-editors
  • Parsing error for raw_html field selection in v1.4.7

Version 1.4.7

Date Released : 10 February 2023


  • load bootstrap using Joomla method which uses dom.js rather than bootstrap.js which could lead to duplicated event handlers
  • Fix for filtering rawhtml field value = HTML was being stripped in J4
  • Add placeholder/hint to video code input in elvideo field
  • Allow filtering on tags to be multi-value - any of the selected values to be matched
  • Allow custom field values to be output 'unwrapped' i.e. HTML value without the Joomla wrapping HTML signifying field value etc.
  • Allow attributes to be set on media type field output
  • New output option for article category title to show link, raw text or raw link as output
  • Show warning that grouped items cannot be used in float output
  • Start of work on new EasyLayouts Articles module - will offer more advanced article selection rules that articles category module together with direct selection and ordering of articles
  • Fix for Save2Menu in article edit actions
  • Custom field condition styling in layout editor
  • Warn users if filter custom field is not visible to non-editors
  • $view->get("columns") needs to default to 1 otherwise sometimes get division by zero for newly created blog/float layouts where the value has not been set!

Version 1.4.6

Date Released : 16 January 2023


  • Improve required fields handling when adding new output fields to layout.  Message now appears in popup and blocks it from closing
  • Month Select field now allows you to filter articles based on creation date, publish up date or modification date
  • Reset button in filter module will now work if the filter module is displayed WITHIN the adminForm part of an article list view
  • Fix for save and new article button in Joomla 4
  • Fix Db function call during uninstallation
  • Remove 'update' SQL files from old J3 migrated sites.
  • Update modal popups of full image and intro image to use Joomla 4 based modals
  • Meta Key Values for images now use the src instead of the full tag - allows use custom media fields for og:image meta tags
  • Switch  experimental filtering for ENUM/Radio field values to use FIND_IN_SET
  • Fix for combined fields handling in Joomla 4
  • Fix loading of bootstrap css and js when configured to do so in Joomla 4
  • Make sure Media custom field picks up alt tag settings

Version 1.4.4

Date Released : 30 October 2022


  • Remove print, print preview and email article icons from output options (pending implementing our own version) since Joomla 4 no longer supports these
  • Trap for occasional combined fields table permissions issue to warn user that the database user has insufficient privileges if needed
  • Tag list layout support and individual tag layout within this
  • Switch default layouts for newly created to bootstrap 5
  • New option to hide out of publish date range in frontend even for event editors/publishers
  • Fixed single article layout module (was throwing data model error)
  • Joomla 4 fixes for eldownload field
  • Add option to skip token checks for eldownload field (not generally recommended)

Version 1.4.3

Date Released : 29 September 2022


  • Add support for category custom fields in content layouts
  • Add support for tag list component views
  • Add support for popular tags module
  • Add default layout for EasyLayouts filter module
  • Add additional class options for submit and reset buttons in EasyLayouts filter module
  • Fix for articles category module not respecting EasyLayouts in Joomla 4 (was missing bootstrap 5 output options)
  • Fix for managed location field type in Joomla 4

Version 1.4.2

Date Released : 12 September 2022


  • Fix for category blog ordering by custom field config in Joomla 4
  • Fix for reflection examination of system plugins sometimes being given an array
  • Full fix for pagination and ordering of els filtered category blog views
  • Category model fix for Joomla 4 for filtering category items
  • Fix for article editing layout
  • Formatted output for custom fields so you can created sophisticated HTML outputs with the value e.g. tel:  type links of scaled imagesn etc.
  • Fix for module display without a layout in Joomla 4 due to change in publish_up/_down fields
  • Fix for author custom field output

Version 1.4.1

Date Released : 3 August 2022


  • Fix for missing ucm table in some Joomla 4 installations
  • Fix for showons not working on "new layout" creation page
  • Fix for Joomla reporting DB errors (was missing a space in SQL declaration that didn't affect MySQL but did affect Joomla interpretation)
  • Missing ArticleModel declaration in Joomla 4
  • Fix for tags layout in Joomla 4
  • Fix for pagination links not appearing in single article view

Version 1.4.0

Date Released : 4 July 2022


  • Joomla 4 compatibility
  • Changes and functionality inherited from the 1.3 series of EasyLayouts