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  4. Friday, 20 October 2017
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Hello :)

For my next project I would use your component and avoid using a cck.

I would like to filter/index Joomla articles by categories or tags. However I am faced with a problem, I can’t find any module/plugin on the JED that can help me in this task.

I regularly use Joomlabamboo templates, their Zentools2 extension (is a module) could be perfect for this task (with "Filter" layout - http://zentools2.joomlabamboo.com/zentools-layout-styles/filter ) but it remains rather limited in its configuration:
- no pagination for displays with several articles.
- no filtering of categories/tags by dropdown menu instead of buttons (or navbar) -> very annoying to align them when you have a lot of categories/tags.

Do you plan to develop in a future version of Easy Layouts this kind of tools, otherwise could you advise me an extension for this task?

Thank you

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